Having your sewer line repaired is important for several reasons. Not only does a damaged pipe create an uncomfortable environment, but exposed sewage can be hazardous to your health. To restore proper sewer flow, you should contact Candu Plumbing Sewer Repair Plumber in San Fernando Valley. Diggers, earthquakes, and tree roots are all possible causes of damaged sewer pipes. Tree roots can even grow inside the pipe.

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting

When you need your sewer line repaired or replaced, there are several ways to do it. Trenchless pipe bursting is one of these methods. This method is a highly effective way to fix sewer lines without causing major disruption to your home. If the pipe is broken or severely blocked, a trenchless plumber can help. Tip Top Drain Pros and Plumbing Experts is an excellent company to call for trenchless sewer repair and pipe bursting services.

If your sewer pipe has become corroded, trenchless pipe bursting will save you money and time. This type of pipe bursting is the best solution when you need to replace corroded sewer pipes or expand your water supply pipes. The San Fernando Valley trenchless plumbing professionals will provide free estimates and will explain the process to you before performing any work. You can contact them by filling out a free estimate form online or calling them at (323) 845-8780.

Trenchless sewer pipe relining

Trenchless sewer pipe relining is a cost-effective method for relining a damaged pipe. It avoids costly excavation and minimizes construction time, while maintaining the pipeline’s integrity. It uses a flexible tube impregnated with resin that is blown into the affected pipe under pressure. Once inside, the pipe lining adheres to the pipe interior, creating a tight, leakproof seal. The procedure does not require digging up the soil around the sewer pipe, which eliminates the possibility of tree roots intruding on the pipe.

Most old clay sewer pipes are comprised of three to four feet long sections connected with concrete joints. These joints are vulnerable to root intrusion, and are often worn away over time. As roots continue to grow, they will eventually make their way into the pipe, creating cracks and gaps. Trenchless sewer pipe relining by San Fernando Valley plumbers is the best solution. Plumbers in San Fernando Valley can perform this procedure quickly, and will provide you with a warranty for the work.

Tree roots

If you notice a sinkhole in your yard, you may have sewer line problems. Usually, you should contact a plumber if you find any of these signs. If you smell bad odors coming from the sewer line, you should also call a plumber for a quick inspection. It is not hard to remove tree roots in sewer lines, but you may need to hire a plumber for complete sewer line replacement or repair. If you cannot afford to hire a plumber, you can also use a homemade root killer. Here are some effective ways to get rid of tree roots in your sewer line:

Sinkholes are a common sign of a sewer line break and are caused by water eroding the soil beneath the house. This type of damage may also affect the foundation of your home. A sinkhole also gives off an odor. Besides a foul odor, a sinkhole is also a sign of a sewer line problem. If water is coming out of a loose joint or crack in the sewer line pipe, tree roots are invited to grow.

Shifting soil

Plumbing companies specializing in shifting soil and sewer line replacement and repair in the San Fernando Valley area can help you with these issues. They have a wealth of experience in the field, and state-of-the-art equipment. Whether your pipes have been broken by shifting soil or tree roots, they’ll be able to fix them without damaging your property. In addition, these plumbers can handle other plumbing needs, such as replacing fixtures.

In addition to shifting soil, an earthquake or settling can cause damage to your sewer line. This applies more pressure to it, causing it to break. Heavy construction equipment can also damage sewer pipes. Additionally, clogs can cause an incredible amount of pressure within the pipes, causing them to break or collapse. Even tree roots can make their way into your sewer line, causing considerable damage.

Broken or ruptured sewer line

You can determine if you have a broken or ruptured sewer line if you notice standing water on your lawn. If you notice a stench, it is likely coming from your sewer line, so call a plumber to clean it up. Sewage gas may also be leaking into your home, causing an odor that can be unpleasant and even harmful. The odor is caused by sewer gases backing up in your drain. The gasses, called hydrogen sulfide, are toxic at even low concentrations.

Sewer lines can also break due to pressure, which can result from clogged and rusted pipes, poor installation, or environmental conditions. Punctures can also cause a broken or ruptured line. It’s best to call a plumber as soon as you discover a problem, but you can fix some things yourself to prevent further damage to your property. In addition to hiring a plumber, you can do some simple maintenance yourself, such as plugging up the broken pipe with plumbing tape.

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